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Excellent question! For the most part, it is safe. “There’s no evidence to suggest coronavirus is transmitted through food,” the CDC says. “It’s mainly spread through respiratory droplets.” “Even if coronavirus does get into your food, your stomach acid would kill it,” said Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University. However, while this method is a lot safer than dining inside restaurants, it is good practice to properly disinfect and clean the takeout containers, and maintain social distancing, for the virus can be transmitted from the food containers, money, or contact with the delivery person.

You will require an Postmates account to order food through this platform. You can sign up at any time. Don’t worry, it’s completely free (with the exception of Postmates Unlimited)!

Yes. Anything linking to Postmates on this website is most likely an affiliate link. This means that if you make a qualifying purchase after clicking on an affiliate link, this website gets a small kickback.

Good question! News channels, the CDC, and other similar places are good sources of information. Check these out for starters:

Not at all! You can specify if you want a non-contact delivery!

Yes there usually are! Keep an eye out for deals and coupons throughout the site!

Yes! Many restaurants are exclusive partners with Postmates. You’ll see them around their site!

That depends on where you’re located. This site only helps you find U.S. locations, and not every U.S. restaurant offers delivery or takeout.

Yes! By giving money to restaurants, you are not only keeping them in business, but boosting the economy!

There is! Look at the Customer Help section at the bottom of the Postmates website!

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